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So let me say this first about myself and my blog history. I don’t have a blog history. Every girl has had a journal or diary sometime in their life whether they stuck to it or not. I for one was always afraid of someone reading my personal thoughts and feelings and let’s face it , when you grow up with a snooping brother you might as well not have a diary. Now, that my life is going to change X3 I felt like it was time to create a blog and share my whole experience with anyone who is interested.

So a little about me. I’m 19 years old currently , I’m in college , I work , I have a 2 year old daughter and a loving boyfriend of 3 years. I rented my first apartment at this age which was a huge accomplishment for me and for the most part my life is nice and simple, In a good way. I don’t have hobbies but I am ambitious. My goal is to be a surgeon one day and provide heavily for my growing family.

Delivery day 6/21/18

6/21/18 was the official delivery day of the negron triplets. Me and my boyfriend awaiting 2 beautiful girls and a handsome little fellow (identical girls , fraternal boy). I was beyond ready for this day to come. I was originally scheduled a week later at 35 weeks but due to some growth restrictions 1 of the girls were having the doctors pushed it up 1 week to 34 weeks instead.

I was like 10 minutes late arriving to the hospital from doing extremely last minute things like grocery shopping lol with my huge stomach. It’s been so hard going anywhere in public because everyone stops me and then I have to get into the triplets story and with all that weight on my stomach I really couldn’t stand for too long to chat. Anyway , back to the hospital. I made my way upstairs and the front desk girls greeted me with such happiness and said “your here ! We’ve all been waiting for you” like my babies we’re getting ready to become celebrities.

I went in at 1:30pm and from their everything went by super fast. After I got greeted and filled out paperwork , me and hubby were shown our pre op room where I got into a gown and hubby got c section dressed. I got an IV , blood drawn , urine sample , the whole 9. Nurses came in , doctors came in to explain the procedure , the anesthesiologist came in , then nurses again along with doctors came in to do an ultrasound which originally takes ultrasound techs forever so you know it was worse with them tryna to get steady heart beats on 3 babies who LOVE TO MOVE. By the time all that was done it was time to go into the Operating room.

As I got pushed into the room my nerves started to hit. I started to shake a little bit. After they injected the medicine I could feel my legs going numb which is NOT fun let me tell you. They layed me down flat which I could never do while pregnant because the weight was too much so in this case I could feel all the weight but in my chest and that gave me even more reason to panic but I tried to be calm. I looked over and see tons of nurses and doctors in the room. It’s about 3/4 people per baby right now which makes me even more nervous. A whole bunch of faces you never saw and you never got introduced too. Finally it was time to take out the babies. Baby A was born first weighing 4lbs 4 oz and 16 inches long my little Alana rose negron. Next was baby B weighing 4 lbs 1 Oz and 16 inches long my little Amara Camilla negron. Lastly was baby C weighing 4 lbs 4 oz and also 16 inches long my little Eric Javier negron Jr.

The babies came out and tears flooded my eyes like I knew they would. I couldn’t see or kiss any of the babies except for Eric jr because I started to get sick. The c section was really getting to me and I needed to throw up but how do you throw up when your stomach is numb and your laying flat on your back ?

Anyway , the babies got whisked away to the nicu where they all were in incubators. 6 hours later I was finally able to see them after forcing myself off my bed and I was amazed to know my babies only needed incubators for their temps. I came fully prepared for my babies to need oxygen and feeding tubes and maybe a cpap because of all the things I read online that goes on with preemie babies and especially 3. My babies were the healthiest , happiest babies since birth.

Soon the nicu was flooded with all sorts of nurses and dr that had nothing to do with them but just came to congratulate me and see the babies. These were the first natural triplets born to the hospital in almost 10 years so everyone was amazed , especially since I’m only 20 years old. They also couldn’t believe how long I kept them in and how well they were doing and how big they were for triplets.

My girls came home 1 week and 1 day later at 35 weeks and my son came home about 2 days after that. My kids only spent 1 week in the nicu and they were able to come home and are still thriving to this day.

I wanna say my Herbalife did the trick when it comes to the whole triplets thing. I think the nutrition and how healthy I was helped me produce more then 1 egg resulting in the babies and I think using Herbalife throughout my pregnancy 🤰🏽 gave the babies so much protein and nutrition that they just came out doing just fine. At least that’s my theory. Being a Herbalife coach I encourage all pregnant woman and woman wanting to conceive to be as healthy as they can so I can’t wait for the next pregnant momma to cross my page and sees how wonderful Herbalife was to me and the babies so she can consider the same.

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16 weeks with triplets

It’s been only 2 weeks since my last post and not much has happened even though everyday feels like a constant worry to me.

I made a trip to triage because I’m a nervous wreck with these trips and anything that doesn’t seem normal to me is something worth checking out (ALWAYS know your body).

Luckily , their was no one in triage and I was seen in less than 2 hours (miracle)!!! I was delighted to know everything was good with me and the babies , the babies were all strong and Baby C was being a karate ninja per usual kicking and bouncing around.

As far as how I’m feeling , I feel extremely heavy after meals. Doesn’t Matter what I eat , big or small I feel HUGE. I can literally feel my stomach stretch a lot of the time and I’m constantly breathing heavy like I just walked up and down the steps. The babies still can’t officially kick me so I don’t feel that yet but I can imagine all of them going at it at once and tearing me UP !! Sometimes I feel as though all babies went to sleep and floated to the bottoms of their sacs and that pain is the most uncomfortable.

I go for my anatomy scan at 18 weeks. I will also be able to find out the genders at this apt which I’m ecstatic about. My gender reveal is the weekend after my anatomy scan so for those couple of days I will be fighting back my urge to look in the little envelope they will provide.

I’m still working and my OB tells me to stay as long as I want and can. She did tell me whenever I was ready to go on leave she would make it happen for me but honestly I sit and think how can I go on leave and still pay apartment bills ? Until I figure that out , I will be going to work untill I’m waddling.

This picture is actually today at 16 weeks ! I’m so bad at keeping up with my weeks and my pictures.

Carrying Triplets at 14 weeks.

Some woman get their 1st ultra sounds around this time and then their completely shocked when they see their having triplets.

I’ve known about my trips since 8 weeks and i have been a very careful mama and I will continue to be cause these trips are a true natural blessing.

Now at 14 weeks , I get sick here and their but certainly not as much as I was between 8-11 weeks. I had to walk around with a bag cause my sickness was constant and work was so hard to deal with all the puking and nausea.

I have been struggling with sciatica. My High risk doctor let me know I’m getting sciatica early due to having a multiples pregnancy. It’s a horrible pain between your lower back and gluteus but it feels like it paralyzes you for a minute. Kind of like when your arm locks up and your scared to move it cause you feel like it might break.

The fatigue is getting better but I still feel drained by the end of the day and it doesn’t help that my body wakes up twice to urinate in the night and by 7 , I’m tossing and turning and can’t get comfortable. I yawn maybe 50x a day or more probably. By the time I get home from work and picking up my daughter and nephew at daycare ( they are in the same facility) I also feel very heavy and bloated.

I have gained about 6 lbs now and that’s a good start compared to not gaining anything in the first weeks. I feel like if I took my vitamins maybe I would gain more weight ? (I have no idea if theirs a correlation their). Unfortunately the gummy vitamins that I have just make me sick thinking of them but I’m going to get back on my Herbalife shakes which I believe provided me all the healthy vitamins and nutrients that I’ll need for the trips. Besides , I think all that Herbalife is what made me Fertile enough to let out 2 eggs to produce Triplets but that’s an ongoing debate with me and my hubby.

Next OB apt and hopefully a mini ultra sound that day will be February 22 2018 at 17 weeks. All I hope is that all the babies hearts are beating and their healthy. ❤

Your first official ultra sound appointment with triplets.


So my actual first official ultrasound was pretty long for an ultra sound. It was 1 hour an a half and it was AMAZING. My and my parents entered the room and we got right to the point.

I laid down and the ultra sound tech said 1) If her student could observe (Of course , anything for medical training) and 2) That if their were STILL 3 babies in my womb , she would check all for signs of Down syndrome and make sure their growing at the rate of my due date (Aug 2nd).

Now, even I was a little nervous before we started because even though I have a lot of growing babies , did not mean that they would all still be alive once they start.

Anyhow , we started the ultrasound. I remember thinking how amazing it was to be able to see all my babies heart beats and to see them kick off their sacs just playing around. Such a relief came over me. They grew so much in just 2 weeks that it was just amazing. You could see their upper and lower extremities , their stomachs , their brains , their nasal bones and their mouths. The tech checked the space behind their necks for Down syndrome and they all passed with flying colors so they did not have Down syndrome. Their heart rates were all very strong and normal and by the way they just moved all around , you could tell they were healthy and growing very normally. My parents were in shock even though they have known since the beginning that they were trips. Seeing it live for the first time really got to them and we were all overwhelmed with joy. The ultra sound tech also seems happy because she’s done triplets before but according to her it’s been a while. Maybe I’m the first momma of trips in 2018 in All of Delaware ?

The appointment was a huge success and the tech Texted me the link to the photos. They make new ways everyday to eliminate paper use but heyyyy , I’m not complaining , I just wanted to pictures 🙂

All 3 of the Negron Trips Doing very well. Until we meet again babies ❤

Your first OB appointment , or Really Free ultrasound :)


After my trip to the ER not only did my life change X3 but suddenly I was very busy. I had private insurance through my job but I went and got government insurance for the sake of avoiding any unnecessary bills or insurance hassle and that took some time. I also had to call the nurse practitioners office to ask them if they can even see me being that I’m having the trips and of course they said No , they are not equipped.

I didn’t have to do much research on an OB cause the ER visit was basically my advertisement of the trips and everyone was calling my phone. I went to see an actual OB doctor which was new because I didn’t have a real OB my first pregnancy. At this first appointment which was about 2 weeks after the ER visit I got blessed to see my babies again.

They were all alive and looking more like kidney beans then small peanuts (10 weeks). Their strong heart beats (over 150 all of them) gave me relief and to see them all still be their made me feel good. My babies were beating the odds. The OB asked me if I conceived them naturally or via IVF. That was really a popular question for me. I explained that they were natural and that was just more of a reason for the OB to say “Amazing”. The Dr also told me she would refer me to a High risk OB who might be the ones to follow my care and the appointment ended. Not much information on risk and I didn’t have any questions at all so we parted ways.

Our triplet babies at 10 weeks and a couple days ❤

Your first Pregnancy ER visit (The Unknown)

If you read my first blog then you know from around 6-7 weeks that I found out I was pregnant I was sick as a dog !!! Everyday and every night. Not having an appetite or wanting to drink anything. From the minute I got off my bed to the time I laid Down I either had nausea or vomiting or BOTH ! I remember joking to my boyfriend and my family and co workers that I was having twins because of how bad the sickness was and how different it was from my 1st pregnancy.

I ended up in the Maternity Triage because I was very dizzy and worried due to the fact that my prior pregnancy had a history of dehydration (This was December 2017). The doctors did confirm that I was dehydrated and they gave me 2 bags of fluids. Even though I felt dizzy , I knew I could of maybe slept it off at home but my hidden agenda wanted to have an ultra sound and see the baby so you could imagine my excitement when the doctors brought in the ultra sound machine.

My boyfriend had arrived a little before we even got into the room so he was just as ready to see the baby as I was when the machine came in. They put the jelly on my belly and turned the screen and to both of our surprises it was TWINS !! I immediately saw the 2 sacs and said “Omg, Eric look , I knew it” (Everyone told me I was crazy about the twins and he was one of them). His eyes widened with shock and he said “You told me so”. The doctors left shortly after and the excitement took over as we were both happy to see twins because this would be the last time I would get pregnant.

The doctors came back to get me for a 2nd ultra sound to confirm some other stuff I assumed because it was it was twins. I Laos their looking from the corner of my eye trying to see the babies in the screen while also glancing at the ultrasound techs face which looked like she was confused. I knew their were still 2 babies in their cause I could see it myself but I expected the worst like a missing limb or something like that. When the doctor came in to give us the results of the 2nd ultrasound she said “you know how we said before you were having twins?” , We both say yes , but what came she said next knocked all the words out our mouths. The doctor proceeded to say “Well theirs actually 3 heart beats and their measuring around 8 weeks and 4 days”. My face along with my boyfriends face were eyes open wide and mouths even wider.

My boyfriend said “Isn’t that rare?” seemed to be his only question. My only question was “Are you sure theirs 3?”. They all said yes and sent us on our way with a lot of prescriptions for nausea. That’s when our life became 1+X3.

Here’s a photo of the first ultrasound. 2 babies in 1 sac to the left and 1 baby in its own sac to the right.

When you first find out your pregnant.

I missed my period in November of 2017. It was nothing knew for me to be late a couple days but past 7 was something concerning. At this point I had moved out already and celebrated my first thanksgiving in my new place with my family. I figured if I’m pregnant , who cares ! I’m still going to finish school like I planned ( I want to be a surgeon someday ) , I finally moved out of my parents house so they can’t really have a say in my decision and I couldn’t help but feel like this baby was strong and meant for a purpose (I feel like that with all pregnancies). When I finally decided to put my pee on the stick to confirm , I already knew in the back of my mind that those 2 lines would pop up. When they did I told my self again, you will be okay and god does not give you anything you can’t handle. I txted my boyfriend the news ( I’m a chicken at face to face convos) and from their the rest is just excitement.

When you first find out your pregnant and head to your first prenatal appointment to get the official confirmation from the doctors it’s always so nerve wrecking even though you know what the result will be. My first visit , they took another urine test and told me a little about what the 1st trimester is like and sent me on my merry way. Little did I know that soon after that appointment ( doctors said I was about 7 weeks) I would be feeling HORRIBLE AND MISERABLE from the Nausea and vomiting and fatigue and all I could think about is this is WAY more intense then my first pregnancy where all I wanted to do was sleep. Everyday and every night I was sick and had no desire to do anything AT ALL. This time was very different then my first pregnancy.